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CBSE Syllabus

A Blend Of Technology And Value-Based Education 


Holistic education on campus with lush greenery.


We start training students to code from a young age.


Daily practice of Yoga, meditation and physical exercises

At Chirantana Valley Public School, we endeavour to gear up the tender minds to face the challenges in the ever-changing society by giving value-based quality education in a secure and caring atmosphere. Our distinctive academic program with innovative gurukul type teaching methods fuelled by the power of technology, good infrastructure and extracurricular activities will spark creativity and curiosity in the students.


Co-curricular activities like music, dance, drama, karate, etc., are taught to students

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Students will gain excellent communication skills with fluency in Kannada, Hindi and English


Individual care will be given students by our experienced teachers


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Our Mission

To encourage the children to explore their innate potential with complete freedom to be good to others and the environment by helping them become global citizens.